If you are not yet of those who take advantage of circumstances like many others, it’s time to wake up and know that you can have many items for free internet browsing on reputable sources. The video games is a huge industry that produces millions and millionsof dollars every year and can not be missed promotions and offers a great industry for us. But first let’s talk about what the newgeneration of consoles is 2012.

Many graphics engines are ready for the arrival of new consoles, we mean what we call for now PS4 and XBOX 720, Nintendo also clear.

After the war of the current consoles in 2012 is believed to end with the arrival of new models, we all want more, even though the last games developed for the PS3 and the Xbox 720 has superb graphics, for example, Modern Warfare 3 after trying very impressed with your graphical environment and most of all the fact that the XBOX still have more to give in their capacity chart.

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