Handling wedding decorations and floral arrangements is tough. That is why you tend to hire wedding venue decorators and talented florists to handle the job, but be careful not to commit mistakes that many previous couples did.

Not trusting your live wedding music melbourne and florist – Wedding florists and decorators tend to look at the venue and make up images in their minds, before you could even make your suggestions. You have to trust their artistic judgment, or just be your own wedding decorator. If you have suggestions, ask them first, and don’t scowl if they disagree with you. For instance, you want gigantic centerpieces that would block the picturesque outdoor view from the inside; hence, the decorator may not buy your suggestion.

Not accepting alternatives – Sometimes whether you like it or not, the initial plan may have to be modified. If, for instance, red roses may seem to go out of sync with the venue’s theme, the florist may opt for another type of flowers.

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