Team building is one of the most common tasks in our life. In our personal, academic and professional life we need to form groups so that our work becomes easier and more effective. So, it is really very important that we know very well about it.

A team has some components. The first and the most important is an effective leader. A leader can lead a group to the zenith of its success. Again, a group can go astray for its inefficient leader. So, leadership is a key term in team building.

Devotion, punctuality, discipline, honesty, trustworthiness, responsibility etc. are some of the qualities that are very important in team building. The members who are working in a group need to have them. Otherwise, a team cannot reach its goal. People with personal interest and motive cannot work well.

Relationship is also very important. If the members are not co-operative; if there is no togetherness among the members; the group cannot work properly.

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